Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes (BLMK) Events

Milton Keynes Talking Therapies are working in partnership with Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service and Total Wellbeing Luton to deliver a series of one-off webinars for people who live in Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire or Luton.

Visit the BLMK Events page for a complete list of the webinars available.

Pre-Recorded Webinars

We have a wide selection of pre-recorded webinars available at your convenience. Led by our highly-trained NHS practitioners, each webinar focuses on a different topic designed to improve your mental wellbeing. This is a fast, accessible and easy way to access mental health support in your own time.

This webinar is an introduction to being kind to yourself. Whilst we know that being kind to ourselves can be incredibly powerful and can benefit both physical and mental health, it is not the easiest thing to do. This webinar will introduce you to the idea of compassion, why it's important and how to start applying it to yourself. We invite you to try the techniques along with us and begin your journey today.

This webinar gives an overview of the systems that govern sleep, normal stages of sleep and describes why problems can occur. It introduces CBT as a method to improve sleep hygiene, along with using stimulus control to strengthen our natural cues to sleep. There is also guidance on managing anxiety and worry around sleep.

This webinar offers guidance for those who have suffered a bereavement, including myths about grief, cycles of grief, and beginning to move forward after losing a loved one. By offering tools and techniques using principles of CBT, practical coping strategies for managing feelings of grief and loss are introduced.

This webinar describes symptoms, thoughts and behaviours that are very common with anxiety and depression. CBT is introduced as a method to understand problematic situations, and to break negative cycles in order to help you feel better. Other coping strategies including activity planning, problem solving and making a wellbeing plan are discussed.

How do I access this programme?

All you need to do is fill out the quick and easy online form to access the platform. We ask for some basic information and you will need to complete some mood questionnaires.

Your information is securely stored and confidential in line with NHS record keeping policies. Anybody registered to a GP in Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire or Luton can access this service.